About Us


The brokers and support staff who make up the Windermere Mount Baker office are as diverse as the community they serve. What we all have in common is a warm and friendly attitude, a desire to help one another succeed, and a better-than-average sense of humor. It's no wonder that our brokers have been with the office an average of 10 years, and the support staff an average of 17 years. The level of support, the willingness to collaborate, the sense of family- these all make Windermere Mount Baker different from the typical real estate office. Whatever that special something is, people say they can feel it as soon as they walk in the door.    

Joe Easterday, Branch Manager
Joe Easterday sets the tone by creating an atmosphere where brokers feel they are respected and supported.  Whether he's doing his check-ins to see what brokers need, developing training seminars, troubleshooting problems or offering creative solutions, Joe draws on his years of real estate experience to provide each broker with the tools they need to succeed.  He also actively solicits broker feedback on how the office can serve them better.  Joe and his staff meet regularly with peer-elected representatives to get broker perspective on office policies and ideas for improvement.  You'd be hard-pressed to find a real estate office with a greater commitment to supporting its brokers' success than Windermere Mount Baker.

Al Johnson, Assistant Manager

Al Johnson has been assistant manager at the Mount Baker office for over 20 years.  There is almost no situation that he hasn't been through, and that wisdom is invaluable to brokers both new and seasoned. Al is there for brokers 24/7. Whatever the issue, brokers can count on Al to help them get it resolved. He jokes that his former jobs as a counselor for troubled kids and a zookeeper working with gorillas has helped him deal with stressful situations in a calm way. The reality is that Al's warm and unshakeable confidence is one of the reasons brokers like working at Windermere Mount Baker.  What keeps him still loving his job after 20+ years?  "Every day in real estate something amazing happens. That's what keeps it fresh." 

Bev Powers, Office Manager

Bev Powers is a problem-solving dynamo. Bev has been with the Mount Baker office since 1986.  Prior to that, her real estate career spanned title, mortgage lending and escrow.  As a result, Bev has detailed knowledge of the entire real estate transaction process, and can quickly troubleshoot any issues that occur along the way.  Her extensive contacts throughout the industry give Bev behind-the-scenes access to the expertise needed to get the deal done right. Bev is also a whiz at explaining the process in terms that your client can understand, so you can communicate with them most effectively. Agents love the fact that they can turn a sale over to Bev knowing that she will handle all the details flawlessly. According to Bev, "I have the best job in the world."  

Freda Leomiti, Broker Care Coordinator

Freda Leomiti is the heart and soul of the Mount Baker office. Whether you work here, or are a guest, Freda makes you feel welcome the minute you walk through the door.  Freda's warmth is matched by her willingness to help brokers with whatever they need. The question you'll hear Freda asking most often is: "Can I help you with anything?"  Whether she's putting together marketing pieces, providing support to the brokers, or watching a child during an appointment, Freda always does it with a smile. Her ability to juggle so many tasks at once goes back to her days as a dispatcher for the Seattle Police Department and the State Patrol. Her willingness to step in wherever she's needed demonstrates why she loves her job: "This place is all about family."